About Us

About Us

The Flicka Gymnastics Club was founded in 1962 by John and Louise Hemingway.  Since then the club has grown from two gymnasts to an incredible 1,300!  The club offers both competitive and recreational programs and has given gymnastics a high profile in the local community, BC and Canada.  


At Flicka Gymnastics Club, we consider the child as a whole first and foremost. Our goal is for each athlete to learn confidence, discipline, strength, and perseverance and most of all, to be proud of their accomplishments.

Our Philosophy

By providing the highest quality of coaching and support, we encourage each athlete to be the best they can be in whatever program they train in.

Our Vision

To strive towards excellence in becoming the best gymnastics club in Canada.

Our Values

Safety – Safety is our number one priority for all our athletes and coaches.

Commitment – We are committed to helping your child achieve his or her goals whether it means to do a back handspring or go to the Olympics!

Respect – All of our athletes are taught respect for the sport of gymnastics; respect for the equipment; respect for their coaches and respect of their own bodies.

Honesty – To have integrity in our thoughts, our words and our actions, making sure that each match our values.

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