Mickey McDougall - the 70% Non- Option

In 2011, Flicka Gymnastics Club notified the City of North Vancouver that relocating to Mickey McDougall Recreation Centre was not a viable option. A consultants report from commissioned by the City of North Vancouver advised council that gymnastics needed at least 16,000 sq ft to meet its needs (in 2011). The club has continued to grow since that time. The current facility used by Flicka is 13,400 sq ft.

So why does Mickey McDougall not work for gymnastics and Flicka:

It is Too Small

At 10,000 sq ft, the Mickey McDougall facility is simply not large enough to house our current program levels. 300 to 400 Children would be lose out on the opportunity to take gymnastics if Flicka moved its programs to Mickey McDougall.

Its not Long Enough

Our Interclub, High School and Competitive athletes need to train for vaulting. The standard length required for a vault is 125 ft long.

The longest length of space currently in Mickey McDougall is 100' which is simply not long enough to to train many of our athletes.

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